William "Billy" Turner is the main fictional character in the comic series, The Misadventures of Billy. He is a funny boy, because he does very stupid things. Billy appeared in the first comic, "The First Day of School", where he and his two friends, Jack and Connie, start their 7th Grade year with Mr. Mister, his teacher.


Billy is a good kid. He is funny, because he does random things that'll make readers laugh. He is also dumb, Billy isn't the type of guy who should not be in school. He is also crazed for many things in his life. Billy is the type of guy you'll want to sit down with and talk, share laughs, and just do random things.


Billy is the second son of Catherine and Robert Turner. Catherine is his mom, and Robert is his dad. They both are very successful buisness people. Although, they just talk and do a lot of work. Then there is Bobby, who is Billy's 15 year-old brother. Bobby doesn't like Billy because he thinks he is too dumb to exist, so he bullys him and bosses Billy around. Bobby also has a friend named Drake, who also bullys Billy.


Billy has a couple friends. Jack is Billy's best friend, they've been friends since they were a baby. Jack is really smart, and is a guy who can ALMOST answer any question. Then there is Connie, who is Billy's other best friend. Connie only likes Billy because he is funny and 'cute'. Connie is in the cheerleading squad. Billy also has a crush on Connie, but Connie doesn't see that happening. And then Molly, she is Billy's friend and also Connie's best friend. Billy will also have new friends that will be in the series but are 'To Be Announced'.


  • Full Name - William "Billy" Turner
  • First Appearance - "The First Day of School"
  • Age - 13 Years-old
  • Occupation - Student